Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Last year at this time I was creating the sketches for Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift. It was especially wonderful to be surrounded by the holidays as I worked.  Their was an abundance of reference material out there to inspire me, and lots of holiday spirit too!  Creating the sketches is my favorite part of making a book. This is where I get to imagine anything I want…and draw it! I don't live in the city above a little Italian restaurant, or bake cakes in a bakery, or wear kooky hats (well, maybe sometimes) but through Boris and Stella, I do!

When I was trying to imagine the dreidel that Stella gave Boris, I looked at a lot of dreidels. Not only did Stella's dreidel have to be different from the other dreidels, it had to be special.  I decided the only way I could know if Stella's dreidel would be special, was to draw Boris' other dreidels first.

 I drew lots and lots of dreidels until I finally figured it out.  It would have a heart on it of course!

Pssst … To see some of the dreidels I looked at for inspiration click on the link below.


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