Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We Art Boston Fundraiser

This is the print I've donated to We Art Boston ( where it will be part of a group of more than 60 paintings, drawings, and prints donated by illustrators to raise money for the Boston Children's Hospital Trauma Fund.

Why this one you are probably wondering?  Because I drew it on Newbury Street!  The charming architecture of the shops and apartment buildings there was the perfect reference material to help me create Boris and Stella's world. It is also just a couple of blocks away from the site where the bombs went off during the Boston Marathon.  I was painting it that day in my studio, and stopped working to hear the news and grieve with the other artists in my building, and with the rest of the country.  The Boston Marathon is near and dear to me.  I grew up in Brookline and walked to Beacon Street every year with my family to watch the runners go by.  When I had children, I walked them up to Beacon Street to watch the runners go by too.  

Pssst ... The bear pushing the baby stroller is wearing a Red Sox hat and jersey. 

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